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Art Therapy to Unleash Your Potential

Use artistic expression to work through fears, addictions, loss, creative blocks or whatever is preventing you from living your most fulfilling life

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What is Art Therapy?


Art Therapy is an evidenced-based, experiential form of psychotherapy, using the creative process through painting, drawing, sculpting or any other creative medium that a client chooses. This process, under the guidance of a certified therapist, allows clients to safely express feelings that can be obscured in verbal expression, leading to heightened insight and self-awareness, innovation, self-esteem, empowerment and change.


The Benefits of Unbound Creativity


Set in a relaxed environment that holds no expectation or deadline, Lauren introduces art therapy tools and techniques that allow clients the freedom to explore, investigate and express their thoughts and feelings in their own time.

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Build self-esteem and conquer self-imposed perceptions

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Develop skills to cope with and alleviate anxiety and stress

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Move beyond career-related roadblocks

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Work through life’s traumatic events

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Experiment and play in a safe, non-judgemental setting

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Unleash the creativity that lies within you


“Often the hands will solve a mystery that the intellect has struggled with in vain." 


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How It Works

Why Art Therapy
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The purpose of art therapy is not to create the next Mona Lisa or Statue of David.

Instead, art therapy gives clients the ability to communicate without the pressures or expectations often accompanied in a corporate or personal setting. Lauren’s approach to art therapy begins with meeting clients where they are. With no particular art experience or skill needed, clients find that creating a visual image is a powerful means to facilitate communication, growth and insight. Clients feel deeply seen and heard, and often leave sessions feeling relaxed and energized with new perspectives. The art work becomes a confidential record of the client’s progress that can be continually reviewed. 

Appointments take place in Lauren’s offices in Midtown Manhattan or Westchester, NY.

Who Can Benefit

No matter your age, career or artistic aptitude, art therapy is a modality that is suited to all.

With a mission to bring the benefits of art therapy into the mainstream, Lauren works with innovators (and The Innovator living inside us all) who have a desire to access their gift so that they can widen their horizons and better serve their purpose and cause.

Lauren also specializes in working with groups, finding the visual image is uniquely suited to “leveling the playing field”; externalizing and containing conflict; and providing a fresh perspective with the opportunity to explore options for innovation and positive change. 

Here are some of the clients lauren has helped in the past:

  • Creative Professionals

  • C-Suite Executives

  • Leadership Teams

  • Individuals...

    • Who feel marginalized

    • Who feel they are blocked or are having difficulty untapping their creativity

  • Individuals dealing with...

    • Trauma

    • Life and work Transitions

    • Bereavement and Loss

    • Belongingness 

    • Substance Abuse

Tools of Expression

Every person has a unique style of verbal expression. Artistic expression is no different.


Here are some of the many tools and materials that are available to you through our sessions:

  • Crayons & pastels

  • Colored pencils & markers

  • Clay

  • Chalk

  • Charcoal

  • 3D sculpture

  • Watercolor & acrylic paints

  • Magazines for collage-making

  • Word blocks (for sentence construction)


Reduce Stress.

Channel Your Emotions.

Beat Burnout.

Contact Lauren to find out how working together through art therapy can bring positive change to your life. 


Meet Lauren


“I believe that if you are human, you are an artist. And an artist’s greatest sense of creativity is their humanness.”


Hi, I’m Lauren Zeltzer, a board certified Licensed Creative Arts Therapist. 

What I love most about art therapy is how art and creative expression are used as a vehicle to give voice to the voiceless and marginalized, as well as to the marginalized voices that live in our heads.  With all the pressures, responsibilities, and demands put upon us everyday, it’s often these “marginalized voices” that are at the root of our blocks to success, fulfillment and well-being.

With graduate degrees from NYU Steinhardt School of Art Therapy and Columbia School of International Affairs, my practice is deeply informed by my previous international economic development work, including serving in the Peace Corps. These experiences had a profound impact on me, showing me how important our cultural framework and sense of empowerment and belongingness are to our overall well-being. In addition to my private practice, I am currently a clinician at Weill Cornell Medicine, Midtown Center for Treatment and Research, an outpatient substance abuse clinic, where I work with clients dealing with chemical addictions. I am also a consulting art therapist for hospice programs, leading bereavement groups, and home-based end-of-life treatment.


Frequently Asked Questions 


Do you accept insurance? . . .

Services are reimbursable for out-of-network benefits from several insurance plans. Please consult with your insurance provider for “out of network benefit” policies. Feel free to contact me with any further questions and I’d be happy to assist you. I will supply an invoice at the end of each month, which you can use to file a claim with your insurance carrier.

Is my information confidential? . . .

The law protects the relationship between a psychotherapist and client and information cannot be disclosed without express written consent. However I am mandated by the law to report all cases of abuse or neglect of minors or vulnerable adults, as well as cases in which there exists a danger to self or others. In these instances every effort is made to ensure the safety of those affected as required by law. I may discuss your case with a colleague or mentor for the purposes of supervision in order to provide the best possible services to you. If this is done, it will be done without disclosing your name or any identifying information.

What is your cancellation policy? . . .

Clients are responsible for paying for all scheduled sessions if cancellation occurs less than 24 hours before the appointment.

What forms of payment do you accept? . . .

I accept cash and check.


Contact Lauren

Bring positive change to your life, your career and your relationships with art therapy.

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